Baby Shower

December 18, 2003

Dendre got a surprise baby shower at his office this he'll bring lots of gifts home today for the sweet of them...=)

My school is over this semester, so that's a good thing at least i can take one thing off of my mind...still don't know if i'm going to take classes in the spring or not, if the baby is born before the semester starts then i will go to school but if not then i will take one session off. Work is kinda crazy as end of the year is approaching but we handle everything OK i guess...and i just need to decide when i'm going to take my maternity leave..probably january the 6th or somewhere around that time as long as i have finished everything that is supposed to be finished before i leave..i just don't wanna leave a mess behind. Not sure when i'll be coming back to work..probably a month after, or maybe 2 months after the baby's arrived..or probably never?..huehe..we'll see...but at least we have a day care here at the office, so it shouldn't be that bad..

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