Tujuh Belasan

August 19, 2003

I’ve been so lost in the craziness of my daily routine at work lately, busy busy busy..bukannya sok sibuk but I’m really swamped with work that I barely have time to do anything else. I’m supposed to be bloghopping all the time since my manager is not here…but I find it even more and more difficult to click that blue E button on the desktop…*sigh*. I’m not complaining though, in fact I kinda like the overloaded work I’ve been handling lately..especially since my manager and a few of my co-workers are not here..i get to do things my way, hehehe. Plus it makes the days go by even faster and that’s a good thing cause that’s just what I really want cause Inshaallah there will be a lot of happy and exciting things happening in the near future. I can’t wait for august to be over, can’t wait for October to come, and I definitely can’t wait for January to arrive. My school starts next week…that will make me even more busier…and I’m not sure if my brain can still functioning well now that I’ve been away from school for 3 months.

Kemaren disini ada acara 17-an, lumayan banyak lah yang ngumpuL, kita bbq di park near my apt..mulainya sih jam 12 but I came at 3 cause I had to work first, I usually get off at 4 on sunday tapi kemaren sengaja pulang cepet biar nggak ketinggalan ngumpul ngumpulnya. Ada lomba lomba juga kemaren..tapi nggak ada lomba makan kerupuk siih..abisnya pada males kali ya harus goreng dulu kerupuknya..haha. Happy birthday Indonesia ku- wishing you all the strength to face all of the chaos that has been happening to you…and despite everything..i’m still hopeful for a better Indonesia..=)

Hari sabtu kemaren, ada pengajian di rumah gue…hoho…weekend2 bukannya bisa relax malah tambah sibuk yang ada…beres beres rumah..dan masak…tapi nggak pa pa sih, I was volunteering to have it over at our house.. yang dateng banyak juga, sekitar 25 orang. Siomay dan Es Teler gue laku keras dong…*syeneng*. Dua bulan terakhir ini, I've been going to the pengajian every Saturday, it’s time to spare some more time to worship the Master Up there..especially since i've had my moments to experience that he is really there…watching over me and answering my every prayers..=)

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