Friday Madness

August 08, 2003

Work has been really hectic..two of my co-workers have been on maternity leave.. and today is the first day that the manager is officially on vacation, she won’t be back until early next month!!.. guess who handle all of their work?? ..yupe, none other than yours truly…huhu..poor lil old me. But today was actually a breeze…it’s nice to have the whole office all by myself .. but that won't last long because tomorrow is gonna be crazy, for most people…Friday is the day when they happily say thank god it’s Friday..but for me…oh shit it’s Friday!!!’s mad house in the office area every friday with the people who come for friday prayer….and I’m actually kind of nervous right now…not sure if i can handle the madness.

The Kobe Bryant hearing yesterday was a joke..the judge simple trying to turn it into a media circus...i don't see a need for kobe bryant to be there yesterday, to fly hundreds of miles for a ten minute court appearance. Judge nya aja tuh yang emang wanting his 15 minutes of fame and maybe just want to help out the local economy..hehe....soalnya kan kalo nggak ada kobe, then no reporters filling out the local motel's room and eating in the local food establishment. Kobe looked pissed..not pissed because of the charges but for the judge to force him to drag his azz all the wayto the court. A lot of his supporters were outside of the court..that's surprising, i thought the whole town is pro the accuser, so it's good to hear the 'kobe is innocent' chant outside the court. Anyway, but it was also nice to see him at the Teen choice award..where he got the longest and the loudest ovation of the night..the audience didn't stop cheering and applauding him. and you know the actual event, his award was one of the first to be announced...but when they showed it on TV, they put him in the second last instead..dasar yah..i guess they know that people are so eager to watch kobe..makanya sengaja di taro di belakang so we have to watch the whole show.

Anyway, you've heard the news..there was yet another bombing backhome and it's the fifth time that happened in 2003, but this is the biggest one after the Bali blast. I could see the reason or the motive behind the bali bombing, they were targetting the foreigners/westerners..but who is/are actually the target in this case?!..kebanyakan yang kena justru orang orang kecilnya, taxi drivers..supir supir pribadi...bell boy, the security guard, etc. Dan sedihnya waktu para korban itu di bawa ke rumah sakit..the hospital didn't want to take care of them right away...mereka mewajibkan para korban itu untuk bayar uang muka?!?..WTF?!?!'s not like they were asking the doctors to perform a liposuction or a facelift on was an emergency situation where one minute could cost them their life...they were dying and in dire need of a help....god...tell me what ever happen to humanity?!?!.

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