Summer is here

May 07, 2002

The trip to new york was canceled, we supposed to go there last Wednesday, but then we pushed it back to Friday, and then..something came up, so we have to push it back again, this time a bit longer, maybe next month or so. Anyway, I’m so glad now cause finally I’m done with all those exams, papers, presentations and all that. I’m still amazed that I could pull through and managed to stay sane for the past three weeks. I feel like I should’ve been given an award or something.

Anyway, today is Monday, I usually hate Monday but I guess not anymore eh?..cause I’m officially on a three months holiday starting from now on…*syeneng* . Last weekend was all right, it was beautiful outside, we tried this Thai house restaurant near by, and it’s good. Tapi ada betenya juga sih weekend kemaren cause when we were about to get on the car?..guess what we found??

Yes, a flat tire…

Anyway, while this weekend was all right, the previous weekend was very eventful. Despite the exams I had to take I still managed to socialite…*hihi, nggak mo rugi*..abisnya gimana, it's my last days here so i might as well just live it to the fullest right?. It started on Thursday night when I was modeling for Evonne’s fashion show, the theme was the tropical look of Brazil. A lot of people were there, including the paparazzi too..huaha. All of the designers were very creative, i like the one with the denim theme. Anyway, hmm I think it was rather embarrassing for me. Soalnya, something was wrong with the white top that I supposed to wear, so I ended up wearing my own top that didn't matched at all with the skirt. I looked sooo out of place, and thank god my picture didn’t shownup at the next morning school newspaper with the title “Fashion Don’ts 2002” above it, huehehe, or else I wouldn’t dare to show up to school no more. But hey, at least my hair was pretty..;P

On that same night, the department of marketing held a marketing banquet for all the graduating seniors and I was supposed to be there. I heard the banquet was pretty cool, …now that I think of it, I’d rather go to the banquet instead. Anyway, on Friday, we had ASAF member night, a lot of people were there, and I received a plaque and a certificate of achievement, thank you thank you. Thank you guys for still giving me a plaque even though I wasn’t such a dedicated VP, hihi…=). The next day, which was on Saturday, we went to Longbranch coffee shop in the afternoon, I studied for my b2b marketing class, while nduti and ben played chess there. After that, we went to eat at Super Buffet, and then we went to Best Buy. Later on that night, we went to see Panic Room, I thought it supposed to be a thriller movie, but it turned to be a joke. Masa sih pas dia nelfon 911 di jawabnya..”911, please hold”..hellooo it’s 911, nggak mungkin banget kan disuruh hold gitu yang nelfon. Move on…trus minggunya, we went to barnes noble and then we went to the animal shelter near my place to check if they have new kittens, but there was only one..and the others were like lazy old cats. Too bad…

Oh well, I think I need a shower…

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