May 25, 2002

So much thing has happened in these past two weeks, and so far, this month has been the happiest month for me…full of joy and pleasure.. everything is going my way..*thank you God..i love you mom and dad*. Anyway, here's the brief recap for the last two weeks. I finally graduated, my parents were here to attend my graduation, I was so happy that they could be here with me. Even though my dad was kinda ruined my graduation moment in the end, i couldn't even manage to take pictures with my friends, my classmate and everything cause my dad wanted to watch the damn trinidad boxing match on TV therefore we had to leave early to make it on time for the game with 2 hours drive...arrgghh!!. But it's all okay i guess..*love you dad*

Trus..ya udah, paling jalan jalan disini aja…with nduti too after he got off work. They were here for like a week, and then my dad had a conference in DC, so my mom and I tagged along. I actually love DC especially the georgetown area, but it's sooo crowded it reminds me of Jakarta, well I still love it though, banyak makanan siiyy, hehe, I think I ate more Indonesian foods there than I have ever eaten since I've been here..*yuummeeh*. My fave was Cafe Asia...yang modelnya Asian Fusion gitu.....i love asian fusion.

Tapi stelah balik dari dc i ended up with a flu, maybe because i was always out practically the whole day and half of the night, accompanying my mom to go shopping.. store after store and i'm now literally sick of shopping malls, i especially can't stand to look at a typical girl store that have racks of peasant tops, ruffles skirt, gypsy clothes kinda thing. I liked it when they first came out though but now i think it's just way too much.. Trus, sempet jalan2 ke new york juga, damn it's been a while since the last time i went there...., browsed around soho and times square..!…but this is not the same trip with the one that i intended to go the other day though. So i'll still be going there sometimes soon for that trip.

Other thing happened was, i've moved out of carbondale. Well that's about it I guess… i gotta get myself a job..

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