Shawarma Chicken

October 04, 2001

Agh, i'm so hungry and i'm starving for some house special chicken for kahala. I called them up just now but they said they only do delivery for orders more than $10, damn...a house special chicken and fish ball soup only cost me around $ should i get with the four dollars justify? luck on kahala, so i just called sam's cafe and orders shawarma chicken, sam's cafe will still deliver it to you even if you only orders a $2 worth of subs.

I'm chatting with dendre now..he's making some martabak sure tastes good. You know dendre and i are using web cam now so we can see each other while chatting..hehe, that's cute don't you think? so we can see each other everyday!

Today, when i had lunch at the student center, i browsed around the university bookstore's card section..i was looking for a card for hana's birthday and then i came accross with this really awesome card..all of the words in there are just exactly the duplicate of my feelings and what i think of our relationship. ..even tho i don't really like the layout and the color (it's just too cheesy) but i thought i could use another card and copy some of the words and re-words that a little bit. I don't know when i'll give him the card tho..maybe some times soon..!. Okay, i'll write down what the card says in the next entry.

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