My Behind

October 02, 2001

i don't feel well tonight, i've been sick since last wednesday, man..last wednesday was terrible. I didn't eat the whole day till late in the afternoon...and then i ate noodle once i got home..*smart idea, huh*..that made my stomach really sick and i didn't feel well at all when the night came..but then carson called to have a group meeting and do the mktg 438 homework..i knew i wouldn't be able to figure all of the answers by my self so i said okay i'll be there. And..things just got worse in the library...i felt like throwing up the whole time but i handle that okay i guess. But you the time i stepped on my room..i began throwing up. My body was shaking, my head was so dizzy that i thought i was about to pass out. So i just lied down on my bed, pour some minyak kayu putih..and just took some rest. But after an hour of lying down..(i couldn't fell asleep), i felt like throwing up again so i ran quickly to the bathroom but i couldn't make it there, i mean..i could make it to the bathroom but i couldn't hold it till i get to the my carpet was just covered with all those dirty stuff that came out of my mouth (yikes).

So, since then..i still haven't felt better..i catch a cold right now..i ve been sneezing like every second and my throats is just itchy...oh my god, this is not fun at all. I took some medicine that i bought at walgreens but it seems does not work yet.

Despite all that, i had a really nice and fun weekend. Dendre came here friday night..and he gave me a was so sweet of him..thank you ya nduti....the cards says like this...

"HONEY, can't wait to hug you...for a good long time, can't wait to squeeze you..because you're mine...can't wait to kiss you ...........and if you don't mind..can't wait to get my hands on your behind.."..

huehehehe.. and he draws like a cute smiley face..e. Makasih ya nduti...:)

Ben called me earlier..and he said that he really loves it to see us...he said that we both are really good for each other and we just seems like a very good know..always happy to be together and cherish every moment together...! ..:)

On friday night..dendre and i didn't go anywhere except to eat at kahala..and his fried rice didn't turn out that good like it always been. Oh..i guess we went to walgreens too to buy some medicine for me..dendre wanted to play pool with ben at 11 actually but he was just too tired.

Saturday, we went to jonesboro to pick up vero..and then we went to marion mall, i really wanted to buy things so badly but it just seems that i couldn't find the one i like, and when i did find the one i like...they didn't have the size for me. But i'm still eyeing at the boots ..maybe i'll get that later..sometimes next month or end of this month. University mall was our next stop after that, and i did buy some things from famous barr, just 2 football jackets..for 9.99....and i bought a black pants also, it's actually a bit longer for me..i have to figure out what to do with it. We went back to my dorm to take a shower and change..and then we went to student center to meet with ben, martha and segu. We all played pool and i played for the first time..martha was showing me how to play with so much patience..hehe...i know i won't be able to poke some balls.

After bored with playing pool, we went to play bowling at coo coos, at first we want to play at the place behind the mall but they were closed, so we had to drive all the way to was a fun game, hehe...! We stopped by at walmart on the way back, and i bought alittle present for's her birthday today..hope she likes it.

I didn't show up for the surprise party debbie made for her..i know debbie was telling me about it but she didn't remind again me so i was kinda forget about it, and when the clock hits 12...i was far away in marion so i couldn't make it.

I know..i think people will start you know..talking about me..not like gossiping or anything, but they are questioning why i never spare some times to hang out with them?? know..i always promise to debbie that i will go here and there with her..such as the karaoke presented by taiwanese student association, the soccer game, all those meetings and many others. Marilu and kareen also always ask me to go out with them but i just couldn't make it. I don't's not that i don't want to hang out with them..but i just have a lot of things to do this semester..i have assignment due almost every day, all the tests, project and everything are just killing me. So, having fun at sticks in one of school days is the least thing i wanna do. Besides..clubbing is not really my scene ..!..I don't know..i hope they can understand this..and .to be friends does not mean that you have to hang out, go out and spend times with each other all the time right?

So, after we dropped martha off at ambasador hall, we went for supper at chicago hotdog..i was really hungry. Vero slept over at ben's...hehe...can't imagine that.

Today...we went over to ben's house, vero was still there and we had lunch at kahala. After that, ben took her home and dendre and i went to office max..i needed to buy hp calculator for my finance class, but they didn't have it there. Thank god we finally found it at 710 so, i can catch up with all the materials..(and that..if i can manage to study). I don't mind studying actually you know..if it's for my marketing class. But this is finance..??

I had a group meeting at 8 didn't take that long but i'm getting tired of group meeting.

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