September 11, 2001

I just finished doing some sit-ups, since i watched britney spears diary on mtv...i promised to my self that i'm gonna do sit ups everyday..as much as i possible can, man..she really have the body to kill, she does sit ups 500 times a day..daang... Hmm..it's not that i don't appreciate my body, i like the way i am..but there are times when i wish i could be a few inches taller *who doesn't anyway?*, and have a build up stomach and skinnier legs.

Now i'm on my study break, i finished studying for sales management quiz tomorrow and i will study operations management after this...i'm chatting with dendre now...!. Ohh..i don't know what to eat tonight..for sure i don't want another indomie and i ate tuna noodle caserole this afternoon..so i can't eat the same thing for dinner. What about fettucini?..hmm..no thank you, i want some chicken...kentucky will be good maybe, or some chicken fingers for somewhere else.

Debbie said she's gonna be here..but she hasn't called me since, donna came to my room after we had lunch together in the tv room, she told me about the opening job in andersen consulting. Marilu came by here also to borrow my vacuum cleaner and laura stopped by for a while...we were gossiping about ivonne, hehe..the thing is she's always with lasslo (the hungarian guy), and we are just curious about it. Laura saw them holding hands at schnucks..hehe..maybe they are hooking up..:P

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