My Little Lady is Growing Up

February 07, 2015

The photo below was taken during New Year's Eve. Anak umur 6.5 tahun ikut nungguin tahun berganti dan baru tidur sekitar jam 1:30am . Nggak ada acara khusus, sih. Barbequan aja di rumah sama ade dan sepupu trus main kembang api sama..petasan :D. Heboh juga ternyata kembang api di sekeliling rumah ya. It was quite a show!

We made our new year wish before we went to sleep. Hers were:

  • To grow strong and have muscle! I'm especially proud of this one because that means I have successfully instilled in her the importance of exercise.
  • To be able to do splits. I notice a lot of girls her age into gymnastic now.
  • For her parents to stay and look young. Oh Je, is this even possible?
  • To have the magic wand. This girl still believes in magic somehow :)
The next day I forgot what the conversation was but I remember I was making joke and she said.."Mommy, don't go cray cray"...hahahaha this girl cracked me up. I don't know how she learned about the phrase. 

She is currently into black clothes. She loves to wear her black legging with her black Uniqlo tanktop and a black or dark blue cardigan. She said black is cool!

Ohh and recently she just told me not to call or associate her with sweet or cute anymore. "Don't call me sweet, don't call me sweetie pie, don't call me sweetheart. I'm COOL, not sweet" -__-

Her recent milestone was going on school-camping for one night. She's been out of town or sleep in my grandma's without me but this school-camping was the first without any family member :)

Don't grow up too fast, Je!

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