First Family Trip in 2015

January 24, 2015

Yes, let be optimistic that there will be 2nd, 3rd & 4th trip :D

We went to Singapore & a day trip to Legoland, Johor Baru Malaysia two weeks ago. Just want to share some tidbits from the trip.

Airline: Air France, which has a very sleek and chic interior.
Hotel: Mandarin Orchard
Food: Food Village Takashimaya, Rasapura Masters @ Marina Bay Sands, PS Cafe Paragon, Cineleisure Orchard
Coffee: Tiong Bahru Tangs, The New Black (recommended!)
Outdoor Activity: Far East Organization Children's Garden, Somerset Skate Park & morning run around Orchard
Shopping: Sephora, Chanel Beauty, Under Armour

Je had a fever 3 days before we left, it went down on the D day but then it went up again when we got to SG. Since it was already the 4th day, we took her to Kinderclinic in Paragon and got her blood tested. Thank God it wasn't dengue, just a viral virus and she was back to normal the next day :)

Legoland was the main reason for this trip. We went there by WTS bus from Singapore Flyer. The trip took about 1.5 hours and we arrived at Legoland around 10:30 and guess what, no body was there :D. Well, it wasn't exactly empty but we expected quite a sea of people since it was Friday where government and business was off in Johor and it was still during holiday season. But it was quite empty that we never waited in line for the ride. In fact, there were rides where the kids went five times in a row. They had a blast! 

We took a taxi from Legoland to Johor Premium Outlets and asked the taxi driver to drive around town for a little bit. We passed by Hello Kitty Town and Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque. And then he waited for us at the outlet. The Blue Cab can actually take us all the way to Singapore, but they can only go to Bugis drop off. Unfortunately, my driver was a new driver, he needed to wait for 9 months before he gets a permit to pass the border. So he dropped us at the interchange in Johor where we supposed to take Singapore cab from there. Too bad Singapore cab was rare that night so we took another Blue Cab to Bugis then took another cab to our hotel. It was a long way but at least we didn't have to get out of the cab for Malaysia & Singapore immigration. 

Quite a refreshing trip to start the new year. Here's to many more family trips :). 

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