Stick To Your Core

July 23, 2013

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Coca Cola office in GKBI. Not only I got to see the nice office, I also had an hour with Martin Gil, the CEO to share Female Daily story :). The kind of opportunity that doesn't come very often.

By the way, stepping in to the office and seeing all the bottles nicely lined up as the room divider takes me back to 1999 where I visited Coca Cola museum in Atlanta.

One of the interesting things that came out of the one hour meeting was how surprised he was knowing we only have 25 people in the office doing 3 online medias, 1 social network and 1 forum with 70,000 members!

Yes obviously we are under resources and I have to give it to the whole team for being such a productive team, delivering amazing results amidst the limited resource we are having everyday. He likes what Female Daily is doing and believe it can grow exponentially. But he is also concern that the limited resource will eventually take its toll, because it's hard to focus on everything at the same time. Being a Coca Cola guy, who used to have only 1 product in 1 size for a few decades, he takes focus at a different level. He believes in finding and sticking to your core.

I have to admit, dividing my attention is exactly the challenge I'm having right now. And I still ad 1 more product to the portfolio that will be launched next September. As if my plate is not overflowing yet. But to my defense, it's still within Female Daily Core and will strengthen our position. It's also something that we should've been doing since a while ago. In digital, sometimes timing is everything you know. But this will be the last product we develop until we've reached a certain KPI then we can add another one :).

I'm always relieved to hear advice about focus and sticking to your core. Female Daily did experienced an identity crisis as it offered services that although related to what we are doing but it's not in line with our initial plan. It did give a nice contribution to the revenue graphic but hey, money is not everything. So we dropped the 3 big clients when the contract ended and only maintain 1 client left until the contract expires.

All in all, what a nice experience the visit was. Sometimes, being an entrepreneur can make you feel lonely. You have a plan but it's a never ending journey that is full of uncertainty. So it was just nice to have someone his caliber to see the vision and believe it could happen.

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