My Battle Against Body Fat

April 08, 2013

I've written about a glimpse of my Fit N Fab journey in my previous post. Now, let's talk about the progress :). When I started the journey, my weight was within the ideal BMI..but guess what, my body fat percentage is at a staggering 33%. That means according to the table above...I'm on the obese range. That means (I weighted 56 kg), I have 18.5 kg of fat in my body..and that's TOO MUCH!. A higher body fat percentage will link to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and other illness.

So yes even if your body is within the ideal range, it doesn't mean you are healthy.

A year has passed since I have discovered my body fat percentage. Numerous exercises have been attempted and moderation in eating as well as consuming healthier food has been implemented. But unfortunately, the number didn't move. Not even for a little bit.

But you know what? the past 4 weeks the number has  gone down by 5%! Thanks to the awesome plan created by my awesome coach, Tiara. What did I do differently? I went all out in changing my diet. I said bye to any kind of rice, pasta, bread and potato as well as anything processed like cereal and other things created out of flour. That means no cake of any kind, be it Red Velvet or Indonesian traditional snacks. Of course I also said bye to anything fried. Food that has too much spices, you know like the typical Indonesian food such as curry, rendang and ayam balado are avoided too. And here's another thing I haven't done before; I said bye to sugar!!. No more sugar in my coffee and tea anymore.

So what did I eat? Lean protein like salmon and other fish, chicken breast, steaks in all kind of cuts. Those can be grilled, baked, steamed or sauteed. Also eggs..and loottss of vegetables and fruits. And even then, I still have restriction to what fruits I can eat. For example I can't eat banana after 3 and so on.

I was given a list of workout too...high intensity of compound workout, weight lifting and surprisingly very little cardio. She doesn't recommend me to run (unless sprinting) long distance as it can decrease the muscle mass.

So is it a low carb thing? It's not. Because I receive a lot of carbs from the fruits I eat. It's basically just going back to basic kind of thing, eating according to the recommended nutrition intake, eating whole foods, exercise and just being healthy in general. Nothing too scientific :D.

So yes, that's what happened. The plan is for 6 weeks so I have 2 more weeks to complete. I feel leaner now, though I have to admit that I haven't exercise as much as I should have been. But now I believe the saying that goes 'Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym'. My goal is now to take it down to the fitness level. It feels good to finally beat my old self.

Oh, and notice that my BMR has gone up now? That means I can now eat more calorie that my body will burn by just being alive, thanks to the muscle that I'm gaining through the exercises she designed :). Really, I'm so thankful I crossed path with her. If not, I will still be the girl with unhealthy body fat :D.

Have a #FitNFab day :)

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  1. Wooohoo! keep up the good work! This makes me want to go back to eating clean strictly, tapi susah bgt secara I love rice, hehehe. Truly an inspiration!

  2. Tapi di sana bahan2nya lebih lengkap yaa untuk clean eating. Kalo beli pun banyak pilihannya. Kalo makanan Indonesia kan penuh dengan bumbu dan udah diproses banget.

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