Another Weekend Collage

February 21, 2012

As a soccer mom, there are many times where I start my Saturday morning at the soccer/futsal field, especially when Jib had a tournament or a friendly match. Last Saturday was a friendly match with Jibran's cousin school that is located near my in law house. Since his cousin was also playing, we spent quite a long time at the school because we had to wait for different teams. My in laws were there too. After that, we went to 7-11 to drench our thirst with a cold cup of slurpee!. Then we lounged around at my in laws' house. Later on that day, we went to Citos to see Nopai as a mom guest at Scotch Brite event, followed by a little chit-chat with Vanya & Richoz at Dome.

The next morning, I played Snake & Ladder with my two munchkins while having my breakfast. Oh and I also received a red velvet cupcakes from Mira! I'm not a big cupcake person, but I like this one and immediately order for the next batch. Weekend is also mean playing with my niece who is getting cuter by the day. Oki is going to be one of the speakers for Ad-Tech Singapore, so we took pictures for his profile before we left the house to meet the STL people. Agas & Cahyo just got back for good from St. Louis so we had a mini STL gathering at White Hunter, Gandaria City. The food is surprisingly good with a very reasonable price. Done with the food, we moved to Starbucks and ended the day at Sanpachi, where Oki ordered the level 10 and finished it effortlessly. He even said he could easily eat level 15 if they have any :0. It was lovely to meet the people I used to meet every weekend back in STL. They are indeed my second family :).

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