What Now?

April 02, 2009

Udah beli domainnya dari dua minggu yang lalu tapi mana...postingan baru juga belum ada..huh. Susah deh kalo banyak maunya tapi tidak bisa memanage waktu dengan baik. Padahal hari ini nggak ada kerjaan banyak sih, I updated FD, reply some emails, wrote notes on the MOU and some other things. Did monthly grocery shopping at Carrefour this afternoon too. Senangnya grocery shopping siang siang atau pagi pagi dikala weekdays, no one is waiting in line at the checkout counter...blissful.

Tomorrow is the opening of the photo exhibition by Nicoline Patricia at Senayan City, after that is the fashion show from Fashion First. Saturday is Clinique event, but this one should only take about  one hour. Can't wait for next week, or is it the week after that we're gonna have a loong loong weekend?

Anyway, I dreamt about snake two days ago, it's not the first time I dream about snake, always have one every now and then, I don't know why. Maybe because I'm petrified of something? Or maybe because deep down I'm worried about something?...I don't know. But the dream was not so bad, the two snakes were not that long, maybe about 1 meter long, the skins were pretty though, one is bright yellow with black stripes and the other one is black with some shiny jewels. I think I killed the yellow one, shot it by the neck!

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