Looking for passion?

May 21, 2007

You know, I've always admired and envied people who are passionate about what they are doing. Not many people can wake up in the morning and feel excited about doing the things they have to do that day. I believe that finding passion equals to happiness, and those who have found their passion and continue working on it will have a fulfilling life.

Sayangnya memang banyak orang yang belum nemu passion nya di mana, some are just clueless dan akhirnya ngelakuin apa yang kayanya bakalan banyak demand nya di job market. Ada juga yang akhirnya memang jatuh cinta sama yang di kerjainnya dan akhirnya jadi passionate dengan kerjaannya. Tapi banyak juga yang stuck in a rut, benci sama kerjaannya tapi nggak tau harus gimana lagi. Ada lagi yang sebenernya tau passionnya di mana tapi nggak berani untuk keluar dari comfort zone nya dengan alasannya masing masing.

Some are lucky enough to have the calling, to know what is it exactly that they want to do in the future and to have the talent and the opportunity to follow through and showcase their abilities. Ada yang memang dari kecil hobi dan memang jago akan sesuatu seperti menggambar, atau main musik, olah raga dan lain sebagai nya.

Banyak juga yang ngerasa passionnya itu ada di satu bidang, fotografi misalnya. Padahal megang kamera juga jarang. To me, that's not passion. If you are passionate about something, you should have been doing it all along. Kalo memang suka fotografi ya berarti setiap hari udah nenteng kamera, foto foto sana sini. If you haven't been doing it, that means you are not passionate about it. Kalau memang belum ada kamera yang canggih ya beli aja dulu alternatif nya yang jauh lebih murah. Everybody has to start somewhere, just use whatever tool you have right now, and better things will be found along the way. Take lots of pictures, compile a portfolio, volunteer to help a photo shoot because when you are willing to go out and put together a solid work without any pay, you will get noticed and people will come calling you eventually.

Today is my birthday, and one of the things that I'm thankful is that I have finally found my passion. It is indeed satisfying to finally put my enthusiasm into action and find myself doing what I meant to be doing. It's a wonderful feeling to have that goal in my life and to know the step towards achieving it and believe that I can actually make those dreams come true... because I have a strong desire to be better and my passion is my greatest strength..=)

So Happy Birthday My Dear Self!!

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