i'll come home to you

July 25, 2006

my little brother brought me this picture from home. finally we got to see what our house looks like. it was done last may dan sekarang udah ada yang tinggal di situ cause we decided to rent it on a yearly basis instead of leaving it unattended, lumayan soalnya buat nambahin beli tas tabungan. sedih juga sih karena kita belum ngeliat dan ngerasain tinggal di situ ehh malah orang lain duluan yang ngerasain. mudah mudahan the tenant is giving lots of love to the house ya and take care of our little mansion like we know we would..=).

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  1. waaa... bagus banget rumahnya... gw suka banget rumah :) gw suka majalah2 rumah.gw suka liat2 rumah.ntar kalo udah pindah, foto2 yaaa dalemnya.

  2. makasih niit..iya gue juga suka interior design..you'll have a good time decorating your house when you move in nit..=)