Trick or treat???

October 31, 2003

Sebenernya trick or treat itu kapan sih? Semalem atau nanti malem??..soalnya semalem ada yang ngetok pintu apt2 gue dua kali…tapi nggak kita buka sih..soalnya kalo ternyata anak2 kecil pada minta permen kan kasian..kita nggak punya permen..cause we thought the trick or treat is tonight..and since we’re not gonna be home anyway..jadinya ya nggak perlu nyiapin permen. Halloween taun ini rada beda dari taun2 sebelumnya….why?..cause it’s freaking hot in here..biasanya kan kalo Halloween udah dingin dan udah pake baju tebel tebel..tapi sekarang?..i even turned the air conditioner on in my car this morning…seharian ini bakalan panas banget deh, orang2 aja tadi lari pagi pake tank top and shorts…bagus lah kalo panas lagi cause that means I don’t have to worry about buying new *and BIG/maternity* winter clothes just yet..

Just received my grades yesterday....i got an A for the business law..woohooo….but I got a freaking B plus on the class that I was so sure I would get an A..well I got As for both of the exams and I did really good on the final project, makanya nyebelin banget deh kok bisa dapet B, I emailed my prof right away to make an appointment with her and she seemed so out of reach and suggested me to come by her office sometimes next week?..i don’t want to see her next week I want to see her now..So I went to her office yesterday but her secretary told me to make an appointment first bla bla bla padahal she’s there in her office and only a few steps away from me..and all I asked is for her to spare her few her secretary went back and forth delivering message from me and her..and I insisted that I wanted to see her right then and there..hehe..i can be so annoying when my mind is set on something, so she finally gave up and let me in. So I asked her about my final project..she said I did really good and the only thing that hurt my grade was my poor attendance…WTF??!..she must’ve mistaken me with somebody else…cause I’ve only missed 1 class session out of the 8 class sessions..and there’s no freaking way one absence could downgrade my grade to one level...when I asked her if I could see her attendance record she said she didn’t have it handy with her and said she’ll look over it again tomorrow and change my grade to A if she’s been miscalculating it or something. So we’ll see next week..if she doesn’t change my grade..i’ll definitely report this to the dean!!..what is she thinking messing up with my GPA……

So I wasn’t a happy champers yesterday morning..but was back to my happy mood after spending some quality time at Sephora..hehe…got out the store with Laura Mercier Lip Gloss, Nars Blush, Sephora Lipstick and MAC Holidazzle Eye Pallettes..woohoo…it’s another proof that retail therapy is indeed the best therapy out there..!!..:P

I just ordered a bunch of picture for prints from 3 different online digital photo printing last week. rocks..I placed the order on monday and it's arrived in my doorstep on wednesday, using their regular shipping method, and my first 24 prints were free...!!. I also ordered from, the quality is the same, they are as good..but in Adorama we can choose either Matte paper or Glossy paper and we can request the white border in each prints if we want, but it took them a week to delivery my order. is took the 10 days and the quality is not as good as the first 2 places. the price is the same for the three places, 29 Cents each and it's the cheapest i can find...

Anyway...I’ll be leaving to Chicago tonight after work….have a fabulous weekend peeps…and


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